A MOTHER of three is selling her drawings to raise money for a brain tumour charity after her close friend of ten years was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.

Lisa Stacey, a talented artist,has started drawing again after rediscovering her passion for art during lockdown.

After initially sharing a few drawings on social media she received a few requests to draw pictures for others and came up with the idea to do a drawing and put it online as a silent auction in return for a donation to brain tumour research.

Her first auction raised over £200 for the charity and from this she launched her own fundraising page for Brain Tumour Research, where she is selling drawings in return for donations.

Lisa’s friend Chantal Davies was rushed to hospital last may after suffering a number of seizures. Her neurosurgeon confirmed she had a left frontal tumour - this area controls speech, behaviour, attention, concentration, control and coordination. It was around the size of a walnut.

Chantal underwent an awake craniotomy which removed 90% of the tumour, she then undertook radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy.

Chantal said: “It’s amazing how when you are faced with something so life changing you go into survival mode.

“This last year has taught me to challenge myself more than ever and I’m going to be raising money for a disease that I knew very little about before my diagnosis.

“Lisa has started us on our fundraising journey and she is amazing, I can’t thank her enough.”

Lisa added: "Being able to support Chantal and a charity that is close to her heart means a lot to me.

"She is the kindest, funniest and most generous person and I know she really appreciates the donations to the fundraiser.

"If people want to get involved then I would encourage them to visit my fundraising page and read it, share it, donate to it or set up their own fundraiser. I am taking requests for drawings in return for donations but we really want to spread awareness of the disease and how indiscriminate it is."

Alongside Lisa's art fundraising, Chantal, her family and other friends will be undertaking a number of other fundraisers including running the Bristol 10k.

To support their 10k run and donate to Brain tumour research click here

Or to commission or buy a drawing from Lisa Stacey click here