YATE Rotary Club have received an amazing response following their appeal in January for donations of unused laptops to help schoolchildren with their online learning.

Thirty-five laptops have been donated, wiped, had an upgraded operating system and appropriate programs installed, and have been given to schools to be passed to families who needed them to access online learning. Ten more have been collected just this week.

Locals unable to donate laptops and have made generous donations instead, totalling over £1,700.

Yate Rotary has teamed up with Matthew and Rachel Maidment and members are now collecting the donated devices, Matthew is doing the technical work – wiping, restoring and refurbishing - and the Rotary members are delivering to schools where a need has been identified.

A spokesperson for Yate Rotary club said: “Although we all hope that schools will soon be opening and learning will take place in the classroom once again, the demand for laptops for use by children to help with their schoolwork does not seem to have diminished.

“One student said I can’t thank you enough. You have completely changed my life.”

If you have a laptop or tablet to donate contact yaterotaryclub.co.uk or call 01454 321323.