FOUR men were handed Covid fines after driving from Bristol to Uley to 'buy a motorbike'.

Police found the men were all from different households and questioned whether their journey was essential when they stopped the car on Saturday.

Under the current lockdown rules, leaving home without a ‘reasonable excuse’ is punishable by a fine.

Reasonable excuses include going to work if working from home is not possible, exercise, shopping, seeking medical attention or escaping domestic abuse.

Officers also questioned whether the men had really intended to buy a motorbike, as none of them had a bike helmet with them.

And, after finding that the driver of the Golf didn't have insurance, the car was seized.

In a tweet officers said: "The four men in this Golf told PC Robinson that they'd driven from Bristol to Uley to buy a motorbike. Essential?"

"The driver having no insurance, and none of the four having a bike helmet, put paid to their days motoring."