Park-goers in Yate will have a brightly coloured surprise when they visit the local park, following a rainbow coloured transformation at the entrances.

As part of Yate Town Council’s ‘Yate Aging Better’ initiative, their Estates team have transformed the entrances to Kingsgate Park by painting each entrance point in a variety of different colours.

For those living with Dementia and sight related difficulties, accessing open spaces can become stressful and confusing. By using a good range of contrasting colours, the entry and exit points become more familiar and easy to navigate.

As well as being a great visual aid, it is an excellent way of identifying the various entrances for all users of the park including dogs.

Yate Town Councillor Sandra Emms one of the Members of the ‘Yate Ageing Better, Health and Wellbeing Steering Group’ said:

"We want to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Town Council Estates team for painting the gates at the entrances to Kingsgate Park.

"The coloured gates help all people (including those in different stages of living with dementia) to get around and continue enjoying our beautiful park. This is part of our ongoing commitment to making Yate a Dementia Friendly Community."

Yate Ageing Better have also recently made an application to become recognized by the ‘Centre for Ageing Better’ as an ‘Age-Friendly Community’.

In an Age-friendly Community, services, local groups, businesses and residents all work together to identify and make the changes in both the physical and social environment that are relevant to local areas and enable people to lead healthy and active later lives.

For more information about ‘Yate Ageing Better’ contact Yate Town Council at or telephone 01454 866506.