Sports and fitness clubs in Thornbury have finally been permitted to train outside again following an easing of lockdown restrictions.

Formally organised sport has been permitted since Monday - and clubs in the area have made the most of the good weather.

Brizfit, a bootcamp run in Thornbury and Almondsbury by Rosie Hammond, were among the clubs to get back outside this week having had to train over Zoom for the last few months.

"Over the past year we've been lucky in that we've been able to embrace technology and continue bootcamps on Zoom from our living rooms," she said.

A bootcamp held via Zoom

A bootcamp held via Zoom

"There's no denying that it wasn't quite the same as being outside but it kept everyone going mentally and physically and just during this last lockdown alone, we did over 50 hours' worth of classes online.

"Throughout all of the lockdowns we set challenges for our members to keep us motivated and on track.

"In February we took on a team squat challenge for the Teenage Cancer Trust and raised over £1000.

"My three-year-old daughter saw us doing our squats every day and was inspired to take on her own challenge raising over £500 for her pre-school so it's nice to have been able to achieve some really positive things whilst still challenging ourselves physically.

"It's fantastic to be back outside again. There's a great camaraderie amongst our members so it feels amazing to see each other again and have that back in abundance."

Training has also resumed at Thornbury Cricket Club ahead of the new season.

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