Comedian and TV presenter Joel Dommett and his model wife Hannah Cooper have become ambassadors for Brain Tumour Support.

Joel, who was born in Rockhampton, and Hannah have raised funds for the Thornbury charity on a number of occasions over the past two years, but it was when Hannah's mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December that the impact of the charity’s work became very personal.

Hannah said: “Knowing that Brain Tumour Support is there to guide and support has really helped to sustain us through some very difficult days.

"Until you’re faced with this experience it’s hard to comprehend just how much there is to take on board, for mum and for all the family, and the range of emotions you go through.”

Joel said: "It really hits you for six, it’s incredibly tough, and if we’d had to deal with that just by ourselves I think it would have been a hundred times worse."

“It was very surprising and out of the blue, and very scary. And Brain Tumour Support have been brilliant through it all, in terms of communications with the medical teams, helping us work through our emotions.

"It’s really important to have someone to talk to, and to understand that you’re not alone.”

Joel and Hannah are aiming to make more people aware that brain tumours are a condition which can affect anyone. With no known cause or means of prevention and with the profound and often long-lasting impact that a diagnosis can have on a whole family, they want to help Brain Tumour Support secure the funds it needs to reach more people in the future.

Their most recent fundraiser was the online raffle of two of Joel’s suits from the popular ITV show, The Masked Singer, organised to coincide with the final of the hit TV show in February.

Joel Dommett in one of his raffled Masked Singer suits

Joel Dommett in one of his raffled Masked Singer suits

Two winners were picked from 3,200 tickets sold, and the money raised will fund support for more than 40 patients and their families.

Announcing the result, and thanking everyone who bought a ticket, Joel said: “I just hope it makes it easier for a few more people going through brain tumour treatment in the future.

"Brain Tumour Support really means something extra special for us now that we’ve seen what a difference that support has made to our family.”

Tina Mitchell Skinner, CEO and founder of Brain Tumour Support, said, “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Joel and Hannah as Brain Tumour Support ambassadors, and we particularly appreciate their commitment through such an anxious time for Hannah and all her family.”

"Every day there are around 45 people in the UK receiving a brain tumour diagnosis and not knowing who to turn to.

"So we are incredibly grateful for everything that Joel and Hannah have already done in raising both funds and awareness for our work, and we look forward to working with them alongside our many loyal supporters.”