South Gloucestershire council have announced today that they are launching their community resilience fund, designed to help those impacted by the pandemic.

The £1million investment funds that was included in the Budget and agreed by full council in February is designed to help meet the needs of those whose income or outgoings have been negatively affected by coronavirus.

The council particularly want to hear from people who have not already had government financial support during the pandemic.

Unlike many other grant programmes announced during the pandemic, this funding has not come from Government, it has been allocated as a priority by the council to help residents manage with the longer-term effects of Covid-19, which will continue to be felt even as road map continues to ease restrictions and as the economy re-opens.

This fund is flexible and is available to give support for immediate or long-term needs. Applicants must be over 16, live in South Gloucestershire and are able to show how coronavirus has had a negative impact on finances.

The fund can be used to help with both immediate and longer-term needs. Emergency payments could cover things like:

• Food

• Travel costs (for example, to work or an interview)

• Payment for gas, electric or water that may be disconnected

• Emergency rent or mortgage payment needed to stop you losing your home (if you have already had all the support available from your lender or landlord)

Longer-term support will help if you are struggling to pay for things, but it is not an emergency. For example, you may need help to pay an energy bill, but your supply is not about to be cut off. It includes:

• Gas, electric or water bills

• Council tax payments

• Mortgage or rent payments

• Credit cards

• Loans

• Travel costs

South Gloucestershire Council Deputy Leader, Councillor Ben Stokes, said: “We want to support all our residents as they look to recover and to rise from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We have made this £1 million funding available because we recognise that even as we are progressing along the road map set out by government, as restrictions are being eased and as more people are able to come off furlough and return to work, the financial impact of the last year has been deep and will be lasting for many people.

“We have ambitious plans, set out in our new Council Plan, for how South Gloucestershire will rise and thrive in a post-Covid world, but to truly succeed, we need everyone to be financially able to take the opportunities ahead.

“Over the next year, our Community Resilience Fund will help to make sure people hit hardest by the pandemic are supported.”

To apply online go to or call 01454 868009 or Citizens Advice South Gloucestershire 01454 334961.