THE historic Stroudwater swing-bridge at Saul Junction has received a make-over from the Canal & River Trust.

Installed in 1886, the bridge crosses the Stroudwater Navigation at Saul, and is the last of its kind on that waterway.

It sits where the Stroudwater Canal meets the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, forming an unusual `canal crossroads` feature.

The work was carried out by RW Davis Boatyard at Saul Junction, who specialise in the restoration of historic vessels.

Works to the bridge included: repairs to and replacement of the timberwork; cleaning and re-painting of the iron railings and re-alignment of the bridge to swing correctly.

While it’s not possible for people to use the bridge, as it is partly on private land, anyone visiting Saul Junction can now enjoy seeing this piece of historic engineering looking at its best once again.

This swing bridge is the last of its kind still in place on the Stroudwater Navigation and it has both an historical and rarity value.

The refurbishment was funded by the Association for Industrial Archaeology.