A STONE ‘climate cairn’ is being built at Capels Mill, in Stroud on Dr Newton’s Way.

The cairn embodies the conservation of the planet as a living system, in which humans and all other life can thrive.

The stones represent the interlocking actions and policies that will protect the earth’s climate and ecological habitats.

The cairn is also a wildlife habitat for newts to hibernate in.

People are invited to lay a stone on the Climate Cairn, and share an idea or action to protect the Earth.

The year 2020 was the time by which global greenhouse gas emissions needed to start reducing in order for global climate to stay inhabitable, according to scientific models. Yearly reductions of greenhouse gas emissions of 7.6 per cent should now be central to all national and local policies.

-We invite people to think of an action about how to protect the climate and the life support systems of the earth. Please write it on a card, photograph it, and send it in to info@gloscan.org (or share on Facebook: stroud climate cairn). Then place a stone on the cairn to show how your thought is part of an interlocking process.

The photos of actions will be assembled into a ‘virtual’ cairn.

It is being organised with support from Gloucestershire Climate Action Network, Stroud Valleys Project and Stroud District Council.

Participant Eleanor Friend said: “The interlocking stones are like the inter-connected policies to make a joined-up, coherent plan to protect our future.

“I laid a stone to represent the phase out of fossil fuels.”

Fred Miller