Thursday 22nd April was Earth Day when we were asked to stop and think about our impact on the environment and global warming, and ask 'How can we make a difference?'

On Saturday I travelled from Cheltenham through Stroud via the B4070 Slad Road and the A46. I was travelling to Ozleworth to investigate a potential walk for my rambling club. My journey which should have taken 50 minutes took 90.

The Stroud Valley was in gridlock with cars streamimg in all directions, as bad as a heavily polluting London rush hour (pre-Covid).

It took 20 minutes to join the A46 at Stroud, then a slow crawl then a one mile tailback at Nailsworth.

Car use contributes around 27% of greenhouse gases. Yet in spite of Earth Day and Greta Thunberg, it would seem that noone was thinking that it is our lifestyle choices which are wrecking the planet. (I travel less than 2500 miles per year by car, and use alternatives where possible).

Until we take individual responsibility for our actions, nothing will change. What will it take to persuade people to start thinking about the future for their children?

Anthony Davies.