INCREDIBLE views of Fretherne and the River Severn have been captured by a team whose workplace is 100 feet in the air.

Two steeplejacks working on St Mary's Church at Fretherne, near Frampton on Severn, took these amazing pictures.

Tom Brennan and Richard Osbourne, from Trio Access Limited, dangled from the church spire to allow a close inspection of the condition of the stonework as part of preparatory work to drawing up plans for renovations to the tower and spire.

Tom said: "We love our job.

"Through our work we have the unique opportunity to climb historical buildings such as St Mary's at Fretherene.

"Our experience and knowledge drives us forward in the preservation and restoration of these gracefully ageing buildings and we always have the very best views from the very top of theses church spires."

Churchwarden, Jane Cleaver said: "We were able to undertake this in initial inspection thanks to a grant received from Historic England's Covid-19 Emergency Heritage at Risk Response Fund."

If any readers are interested in making a donation to the church tower fund please contact Jane by email at:

St Mary's Church at Fretherne is also known as 'Gloucestershire's mini cathedral'.

The current church building was dedicated in 1847, but there has been a church building on the site for over 700 years.

It was designed by Haresfield architect Francis Niblett, who was a great admirer of August Pugin, famous for his work on the Houses of Parliament.

Many of the windows are in stained glass by George Rogers of Worcester.