A DRUNKEN airline passenger has been jailed for assaulting three people on an EasyJet flight from Cyprus to Bristol.

Alexandros Christou, 21, pleaded guilty after assaulting his partner, a member of cabin crew and a fellow passenger on an EasyJet flight to the UK from Larnaca, in Cyprus, on 29 September 2020.

Christou, of Rhydynos Street in Blaenavon, also admitted being drunk on an aircraft, one count of criminal damage after damaging handcuffs and a police van, acting recklessly in a manner to endanger an aircraft by attempting to open an emergency door during the flight and abusive behaviour to a passenger.

Christou was arrested by police at Bristol Airport and subsequently charged.

He pleaded guilty to all seven charges at a hearing on Tuesday 20 April and was sentenced yesterday at Bristol Crown Court to 11 months in prison.

Arresting officer PC Adrian Chilcott said: “We will not tolerate abusive and aggressive behaviour onboard any aircraft and will always work with the airport and airlines to take appropriate action against disruptive passengers.”