Just a few tickets remain for one of the most family-friendly fun nights out this bank holiday weekend.

A handful of tickets are left for the live performances of Cinderella, a pantomime showing at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall until Sunday evening.

Having watched the show on the opening night, we can confirm its full to the brim with hilarity, innuendos and so many 'dad-jokes' your stomach will physically ache from laughing.

The exceptionally talented cast include ex-Gazette reporter Ross Arnott as one of the ugly sisters- his duo with Ross Brown make for absolute comedic genius- at one point there were concerns whether we would have any mascara left- from the amount of tears from laughing.

Buttons, played by seasoned professional James Murden- keeps the show alight with witty narration and several 'controversial' nods to current affairs.

The beautiful Cinders, Fairy Godmother, Step-mother and Barron are each wonderfully talented actors- the women's vocals were an absolute highlight.

But, aside from the ugly sisters impromptu 'freestyle' which had us rolling around laughing- the prince, was just beyond brilliant.

We don't want to say too much to spoil the surprise but we hope to meet Prince Charming on a dancefloor sometime- because his moves are phenomenal.

If you are looking for a family-friendly covid-safe outing this weekend- look no further. We couldn't recommend the show more highly.

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