A shocking and bizarre video has been shared on social media showing teenage bullies forcing a boy to kiss their trainers in Yate.

In the distressing video shared on the Spotted in Yate 2.0 Facebook page this morning, a group of teenagers are seen threatening and belittling another boy outside at Yate Shopping Centre.

The person making the video starts by saying to the bemused victim: "What's that phone fam?" after which the boy, who appears to be around 14 to 16, immediately puts his phone in his pocket and attempts to leave.

Clearly talking in a fake accent and using slang language, the bully then says: "No G, you ain't going nowhere fam, get on your knees big man."

He then instructs another member of his gang to tell the victim to 'get on his knees'

The bully continues by telling the victim to get on his knees and then in a more menacing voice says: "Get on your knees, I will give you one more chance."

At that point the victim asks why and says: "What did I do?"

Another member of the gang then says he has 10 seconds to kneel and begins counting down.

The victim then gets on his knees and is instructed to kiss the shoes of the bullies- after being told: "Kiss my shoes before I boot you in the face."

After being made to kiss the shoes of two gang members the tormentors mock him further saying: "Good boy."

An outpouring of concerned and angry comments have been posted on social media by people enraged by the video.

The team who run Spotted in Yate 2.0 are hoping to buy the victim a gift following his ordeal.

If anyone has information about the perpetrators they should call 101.