Police have confirmed they have launched an investigation after a video circled on social media showing a child being forced to kiss the trainers of two other youths.

Avon and Somerset police have said they investigating the incident where a child was harassed and bullied by a small gang in Yate Shopping centre last Wednesday.

A shocking and distressing video was shared on the Spotted in Yate 2.0 Facebook page on Friday showing the teenage bullies forcing a boy to kneel on the ground and kiss their trainers whilst they made a number of threats to his safety.

The outrageous behaviour shown on the video enraged parents and locals who took to the pages comment section to express their concerns and anger.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset police said: "We’re investigating a harassment incident involving a number of juveniles that happened at Yate Shopping Centre at about 4.45pm on Wednesday, June 9.

"We have identified two teenagers suspected to have been involved as part of our enquiries.

"The victim and their family have been visited by local officers in recent days to check on their welfare and to discuss potential ways forward for our investigation.

"Harassment and bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and we are committed to work with our key partners to keep our communities safe."