A petition has been launched in an attempt to get Soapers Lane in Thornbury reopened.

The street, which links Thornbury High Street with St Mary Street, has been closed since last year.

It used to be the quickest way to reach the high street from the town’s main car parks.

The road was of particular benefit to those with mobility problems, particularly following the decision to close the high street to traffic.

A number of residents have complained about the closure, made by Peer Group - the company that own the St Mary Centre.

Now Thornbury’s Liberal Democrat councillors have launched a petition to get the lane reopened.

Cllr Maggie Tyrrell, who represents who is a town councillor and South Gloucestershire councillor for Thornbury, said: “Peer Group staff have often spoken to us about their wish to close the gate. They hope it will increase trade in their shops as people are forced to walk through the Centre, but it just annoys people.

“Until last year we’d always persuaded them to keep it open, but it seems new senior managers have changed the company policy. They claim they have closed it for safety reasons but shoppers have been using the route for many years without incident. We don’t see why this can’t continue.”

Conservative MP for Thornbury and Yate Luke Hall has also called for the road to be reopened, so as to improve access to the high street.

Peer Group did not respond to a request for comment.