TYNDALE Primary School in Yate is once again celebrating after doubling its reception intake.

Due to the pandemic the primary school have received no quantifiable data to reflect their achievements however, acting headteacher Katie Parkhouse, said she is immensely proud of the progress made by the school which is now part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

Mrs Parkhouse said there are a number of reasons why the intake has risen so dramatically.

One of the school experienced EYFS teachers has made strong links with local preschools to offer phonics catch up support this academic year to try to help preschool children catch up on learning time lost due to the pandemic

The school has also created an early years and Year 1 hub to start in September to provide targeted extensive interventions to assist new reception and Year 1 pupils to catch up in literacy, numeracy and phonics and also to support their social and emotional development following the pandemic.

Parents of the school have praised the disruption free learning evident in the school, where expected behaviours are taught through ‘learning modes’ and pupils are rewarded on a daily, weekly and half termly basis for going ‘above and beyond.’

Mrs Parkhouse added: “Doubling our intake is fantastic. We are pleased to have been able to offer virtual school tours, remote meetings with parents and ‘ask us anything sessions’ in place of open evenings which we were forced to cancel.

“Our pupils continue to thrive and we are seeing an increased number of awards given for pupils contributing to the wider school community.”