AN arts providehas stopped selling tickets for Andrew Lawrence's upcoming show after racist tweets were sent from his twitter feed.

The well known comedian was due to perform at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester on August 7 as part of his Pale Male and Stale Tour.

However, arts provider Worcester Live has stopped the sale of the tickets following a series of 'hateful' tweets from his account.

The tweets read: "All that time Rashford spent virtue signalling, he could have been practising penalties."

"I'd rather he'd practised his penalties, and the kids had gone hungry."

"All I'm saying is, the white guys scored."

"I can see that this has offended lots of people, and I'm sorry black guys are bad at penalties."

Gazette Series:

Worcester Live responded immediately to say they are in conversations with Andrew's agent and do not support hate speech in any form.

The statement read: "Following recent tweets from Andrew Lawrence's account we have stopped selling tickets for his show and removed from our website.

"Worcester Live do not support hate speech in any form and we are currently liaising with Andrew's agent. We will be in touch ASAP with an outcome."

The Twitter account has now been deleted.