A pub in Chipping Sodbury re-opened again yesterday following a five day closure due to Covid only a fortnight after it opened after being shut for four years.

The Tern Inn was reopened by new managers Charmaine Didcot and Sandor Haaz on July 1, only to be forced to close again on July 15 following a positive Covid case.

Initially the pub planned to reopen on Monday, but confirmed on Facebook that their doors would re-open at 3pm yesterday.

The pub, off Heron Way was immediately popular with locals, with many reports of people being turned away during the Euros as the it was full to capacity.

In a post on Facebook, the new managers explained they were awaiting results from Track and Trace and took the decision to close the pub and have all staff isolate.

A further post said: "We are sorry for any inconvenience caused however our discussions with Track and Trace suggest there was a date around July 7 as a potential issue.

"As you would understand the virus does not just walk in and announce itself we feel, we tried our best to offer a safe environment and have to thank our customers for their excellent support of our efforts."