Surely in order to eventually outwit the Covid virus, we need to think like a virus and not like a human? Thinking like a human says, "Oh we have put in a big effort for a long time over 16 months and we need to get back to our normal lives"; and, "We need to learn to live with it"; and "We've had enough now; we don't want to lose our youth; we want to get back to socialising and nightclubbing"; and "We can't take any more damage to the economy".

What would be the retort to these from the virus's point of view: "Oh, la la....there are a few cracks we can go down.. Some leaks in the defences.. Now we can move into areas we did not occupy before...Now we can mutate and design some new features and breed some new cousins in order to outwit the humans". And "Sorry, but we are going to keep on doing all these as soon as human defences are down in any respect whatsoever".

So humans have to give up thinking like humans. They need to have sublime patience over a long period of time; they need to change their behaviour and keep it changed over a long period of time; they need to recognise that the barrier and distance methods are tried and tested and you need to keep them going over a long period of time; they need to take on board that sadly some industries probably are not suited long term to the "Covid Era or even Post Covid Era". Tragically this includes hospitality and travel.

So the economy cannot be, "got back to". Rather the economy has to change. It has to be Covid and other virus defence designed and it has to be much more green. All the chopping and changing and humans thinking they can go back to dancing the night away and sitting in aeroplanes to swirl around the world at the drop of a couple of bucks for a cheap flight, should be on the way out. The virus would love you to keep on doing this. And it will keep on going if you keep on doing all this.

Humans have to reinvent their lives and not go back to the old one because they are still in love with it.

Elizabeth Smith