SADLY our Doey died on Sunday morning in mum's arms and as the whole practice at Vets4Pets in Yate loved her so much I really want to write in again to thank the whole team for everything they did for our baby girl.

The care they gave Doey was superb.

They managed to save her life back in June which I will never ever forget but sadly they couldn’t save Doey’s life now.

They did all they could for our baby and the care and treatment they gave her I couldn’t wish for anything better.

If I had to choose a vet practice it would definitely be Vets4Pets in Yate.

If it wasn’t for this fantastic team we would of lost Doey last month so we luckily managed to have our baby just those few extra weeks.

The team have known Doey for over a year and I would like to thank the whole practice for looking after our baby when she was at the vet for a dental and then when they all rallied round and saved her life.

It’s such a shame our girl couldn’t be saved but Vets4Pets did their very best and did everything possible to save our girl.

The whole team will miss Doey so so much.

Once again thank you all to the bottom of my heart for all the care and treatment you gave our Doey.

The whole team deserve so much praise for what they did for our Doey.

Helen Wood