A BIRTHDAY night out ended in a bizarre change of identity for one man, now known officially as Daddy Fantastic.

Robert Sullivan no longer exists after he officially changed his name by Deed Poll on his 23rd birthday.

The official name change was a present from his good friend Ashley Snell and the new Mr Fantastic plans to live with his new name for a whole year.

His girlfriend, Kate, is less than impressed with name, but the 23-year-old has gone ahead and changed his bank cards and passport to spell out his correct identity.

"It all started on a night out with my mates," said Mr Fantastic, who lives in Uley.

"I was giving my friend some stick because he didn't get me anything for my birthday.

"It all escalated from there. We were quite drunk and calling each other names and Daddy Fantastic was born."

His friends called him the daddy' due to him being "a bit of a ladies' man", although Mr Fantastic denies he is a womaniser.

The group of men went to Mr Fantastic's house after a night of celebration and drinking and changed his name on the Deed Poll website.

"It was really a drunken idea, but I agreed because I thought it would be a good crack," he said.

"Having this name has its ups and downs but I thought it would be more awkward than it has been. It is just a bit of fun.

"It was quite difficult trying to tell the banks about the name change and most people don't believe me when I tell them but when I show them my bank cards with Daddy Fantastic on they can't argue with that."

Daddy Fantastic joins a whole list of people who have changed their name officially to unusual characters including Jam Danger Sponge, Big Crazy Lester and Ima Stapler.