Getting to know your neighbours can take time, but one group of residents at a new development in Thornbury are now firm friends thanks to the formation of a community football team.

The team, aptly called ‘AFC Orchards’ after The Orchards development, was supported by the housebuilder – Linden Homes – with a brand new kit.

Team captain and resident, Phil Johnson, said: “One positive to come out of 2020 was establishing a new community football team, AFC Orchards, and it’s great that Linden Homes has been kind enough to sponsor our kit.

“We play every Wednesday evening and not only has it been a good way to meet our neighbours but it’s great fun, especially after you’ve been working all day.”

Linden Homes sales and marketing director, Sue Scholfield, added: “When you move home it can be difficult to know the best time to meet your new neighbours.

“You intend to introduce yourself but then two weeks pass while you’re busy unpacking and that moment seems to have gone.

“We wanted to help and loved that some residents had already formed a football team.

“We’re very pleased to support AFC Orchards; it’s a great opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other better.

“We build homes but building the community continues after we have left site and it’s wonderful to see it thriving.”

Linden Homes has now sold everything at the development but is building at Falfield Grange in Falfield and Saxon Gate in Wickwar.

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