Sixth Form students at in Thornbury received their A-level results today.

There were a number of impressive grades achieved at the Castle School Sixth Form, which encompasses both Castle School and Marlwood School.

The highest achievers were Annabel McLaren, who obtained 4 A* grades, plus a 5th A* for her EPQ, and Dennis Kiselev for his 4 A* grades.

Annabel has a place at Oxford University to study Law, while Denis has a place at Manchester University to study Computer Science. Annabel is one of four students going to study at Oxford University, along with Jemima Barnes (History), Rosie Culverhouse (French) and Theo Jordan (Law).

Two students have places to study Medicine - Angus Chan (Leicester) and Sidra Muhammad (Birmingham), while Taya Green will be studying Veterinary Science at Bristol.

George Bazzone, James Harrod, Josiah Hendy and Jemima Whiteway were other very high achievers, all gaining at least 3 A* grades, and there are 25 students with grades equal or better to 3As at A-level - over 20 per cent of the year-group.

The sixth form also has a vocational programme, with courses such as healthcare and

Childcare on offer. There are students moving on from this to training in nursing, midwifery and as a Norland Nanny.

There are also students planning to move on in careers such as agriculture, events management, and apprentice teaching assistant.

Sarah Ockenden, head of sixth form said: “There is something very special about this cohort of students.

"Not only did they adapt to the changing circumstances with determination and good will, demonstrating resilience and flexibility, but they showed so much care for each other.

"It has been a genuine privilege to have worked with them, and I wish them all the very best for their futures.”

Headteacher Joe Docherty said “Don’t let anyone suggest that the lack of external exams meant that these students have had it easier - it’s quite the opposite.

"These students did very well in their GCSEs at Castle or Marlwood, and since then they have had to adapt and develop a wider set of skills than any of their predecessors; so I think they are probably better prepared for higher-level study and training as a result.

"My thanks go to all the staff who have taught and supported them, to parents and family members for supporting them - but today is mainly about congratulating these young people and wishing them well for their next steps.”