POLICE are warning vehicle owners to remain vigilant following catalytic converter thefts from Honda cars in the Dursley area.

Officers received reports yesterday (Sunday 12 September) that converters had been stolen from two vehicles in Taits Hill Road, Stinchcombe and Uley Road, Dursley.

Offenders had cut away the converters.

Officers will now be conducting patrols in the area and anyone who sees suspicious activity taking place is urged to report this to police.

A force spokesman said: "Catalytic converters are devices fitted to vehicle exhausts to reduce the amount of dangerous gases emitted.

"They are often targeted by thieves as they contain valuable metals and can be removed in less than a minute.

"Catalytic converter theft most frequently occurs in car parks, but they can happen anywhere.

"Thieves may then sell these converters via scrapyards, online, or ship them out of the country.

"Hybrid vehicles are most commonly targeted, as their metals are more valuable, but any vehicle can be at risk."

There are some protective measures drivers can take to help reduce the risk to their cars. These include:

• Park vehicles close to walls and garages where gaining access to the underneath of the vehicle is more difficult.

• Consider CCTV, security lights and alarms where possible.

• Purchasing catalytic converter covers or clamps which are widely available and offer protection.

More advice on how to help keep your vehicle safe from crime can be found on the Constabulary's website here: https://www.gloucestershire.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/theft-from-a-vehicle/vehicle-safe-and-sound/