A WOTTON restaurant has put up a funny sign up to bring a smile to people's faces during the current fuel stockpiling issue.

The Falcon Steakhouse, which is located in Wotton under Edge, has put a sign outside which reads: 'Beef shortage, panic buy here'.

It comes as people have been panic buying petrol amid the ongoing lorry driver shortage which is slowing down the supply chain.

The government has issued statements saying there is no shortage of petrol and has urged consumers to stop exacerbating demand by panic buying.

Commenting on the sign, landlord and head chef at the Falcon, Andrew Starling said: "At the moment there’s shortages across the hospitality and restaurant industry, from staff to produce.

"But you’ve got to just smile and get on with it really.

"We always try to bring a bit of humour to what we do.

"It’s either that or you just end up worrying from the moment you wake up.

"Thankfully though we have both the best staff team and customers in the world."