A burst main has left many houses in the Thornbury area without water.

Parts of Thornbury and Morton are affected by the incident, some residents have been left without any water and others are experiencing low pressure.

Photos posted on social media show water on Gloucester Road, near to the Anchor Inn. 

Bristol Water have confirmed the burst main has been isolated and the supply rerouted, but warned pressure may be lower than usual until the repairs are fully completed.

The company also issued advice for those whose water is discoloured.

"If your water is currently discoloured (brown, orange or yellow) don’t worry, this isn’t harmful.

"Brown or yellow water is caused by iron sediment. This sediment usually lies along the bottom of the mains pipes.

"If the flow of the water gets disturbed (by the burst main) then some of the sediment gets picked up into the water and temporarily discolours it. If you run your cold kitchen tap for up to 30 minutes, this should clear," they said.