Police officers have seized two knives hidden within pens from young people in Thornbury.

They were two of four blades uncovered by the Thornbury Neighbourhood Policing Team following a tip off about youths carrying knives.

In a social media post the team said: "We have received intelligence regarding youths carrying knives.

"Three of the people involved have already been spoken to in company of their parents.

"We have also seized four knives, two of which looked like metal writing pens.

"We take knife crime extremely seriously and are working with several organisations across the Avon and Somerset area to highlight the impact it has on communities."

Thornbury Neighbourhood Policing Team attended Castle and Marlwood School to raise awareness of knife crime. 

Seema Purewal, headteacher of Marlwood School, said: "Our new local beat officer along with a PCSO did visit the school last week to introduce the new officer and asked us to raise awareness of national teenage knife crime by displaying a poster which he brought along with him.

"During that visit no students were spoken to about knife crime or questioned about knife crime and no knives were confiscated during the visit.

"I have since written to parents to reassure them that there is no issue with regard to knife crime at Marlwood School."