An alleged underwear thief from Dursley is set to stand trial next month.

David Thompson, of Long Street, has denied charges of theft, stalking, criminal damage and impersonating a police constable.

The 48-year-old is accused of stealing underwear from a house in Monmouthshire on April 1 this year.

He is also charged with stalking and causing his victim to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence would be used against her between April 2 and October 6.

Thompson is alleged to have persistently sent messages and flowers to his victim's work place, and changed his profile pictures on social media to images of her.

He is also accused of entering her house without permission, taking photos of her calendar and conducting internet searches including where to start a fire in a house with petrol.

In a separate charge relating to October 6 to November 15, Thompson is alleged to have entered his victim's property a number of times without permission late at night and concealed himself inside without her knowledge.

On one occasion, the charge sheet states he was in possession of a knife which was used to damage a kitchen countertop. Thompson has also been charged with burglary with intent to cause damage and criminal damage.

He is also charged with impersonating a police constable between October 4 and 6.

Thompson denied all charges put to him at Newport Magistrates' Court on November 16 and will go on trial at Newport Crown Court on December 14. He has been remanded in custody.