Beyonce’s mother has described her new Facebook show Talks With Mama Tina in which she interviews famous faces as a “labour of love”.

Tina Knowles-Lawson chatted to some of her “favourite people” for the show, including actress Zendaya, comedian Kevin Hart and singer Kelly Rowland.

The mother-of-two thanked her superstar daughter Beyonce and her grandchildren who helped create a “special theme song” for the show.

Releasing a trailer of the show on Facebook, she captioned the post: “I loved filming this show and sitting down with so many amazing people because we got to have such honest heartfelt conversations and I got to make them my famous GUMBO!

“I even got the pleasure of sitting down with some of the mothers of these talented superstars.

“I’m really proud of this show and all the people who helped make It happen! You won’t want to miss an episode!”

The first episode will feature Spiderman star Zendaya, with Knowles-Lawson adding: “Who is hotter than Zendaya right now, she is everywhere you look, she is like the hottest movie star female out right now.”

Other guests include R&B duo Chloe and Halle Bailey, actor John Washington and his mother Pauletta, actresses Storm Reid and Marsai Martin, and comedian Tiffany Haddish.

Following the launch, Knowles-Lawson also wrote on Instagram: “I just want to thank you all for the overwhelming support I got for the Talks With Mama Tina trailer that I put out today, that was truly a labour of love from me.

“I have been working on it for some months, working really hard on it and it turned out really nice, the interviews are beautiful, they’re with people that I think you guys are really going to enjoy.

“The comments have all been so positive about the song, about the people that I have on, and I’m actually tomorrow going to air the first one with Zendaya which I am very excited about.

“I just got to do so many wonderful things with so many wonderful people and I got to bring some of their mothers in because I truly feel that the mothers when you look at someone who is nice and they’re successful that they had good parents, that they had somebody, doesn’t have to be a parent, who mentored you and taught you right and raised you right as the old folks used to say.”

The first episode of Talks With Mama Tina will air on Wednesday featuring Zendaya.