A 36 year old Dursley man recorded the sounds of himself assaulting a woman after throwing her over his shoulder 'like a rag doll' in a Wotton-under-Edge street and carrying her into an alleyway, Gloucester Crown Court was told yesterday.

Carpenter Glenn Davies, of Oak Drive, Dursley, dropped the woman on her head in the alleyway, the court heard.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman on Hallowe'en, 31st October, last year and was sentenced to 28 weeks jail suspended for two years.

The court heard that he had spent the last two months in custody on remand, having been arrested at his home shortly after the incident.

On the night of Oct 30th the woman went to a pub in Wotton under Edge with a friend, and Davies was sitting outside.

Later that evening an argument ensued between Davies and the woman, who were known to each other, said Mr Small.

"Davies picked her up over his shoulder and moved away with her. He took her down an alleyway. Throughout this he was recording what was going on.

"We say that recording shows that he doesn't listen to her, he will not take no for an answer when she is very clear that she does not want to go with him."

Police went to Davies' address later and arrested him.

"He was interviewed and was adamant that his recording of the incident would show that nothing of what she said was true. He was adamant she was injured when she fell over. She says she had a concussion and that lasted for over a week."

Joe Maloney, defending, said Davies has had 'sixty six days in custody to reflect on the folly of what led to his incarceration and it has had a profound effect on him.'

"Please allow him to carve out a new life supported by the probation service," he said.

The judge, Recorder James Bromige, ordered Davies to attend 30 days of an accredited probation programme and made a five year restraining order banning him from contacting the woman or going to her home.