A SCHOOL boy helped rescue a cat which had become trapped in a drain in Dursley this week.

Cuddles, a white and tabby moggy, somehow managed to get inside a covered drain on The Crescent in Dursley, on Tuesday morning.

Harry Olpin, 12, was on his way to school, at 7.45am, when he heard a plaintive miaow.

He located the sound to a covered drain in the road and saw Cuddles looking up from under the bars.

A car was parked on part of the drain, making it difficult to open.

Harry called on his godparents, Holly and Jason Rogers, and asked for their help.

Jason said: "I knocked on the door of the flats in The Crescent to try and get the owner of the car on top of the road drain to move, but no-one answered.

"Luckily I managed to move the road drain enough to get the cat to squeeze out."

Wet and trembling, Cuddles appeared very grateful to be rescued, Holly said.

She posted news of the rescue mission on the Dursley Natters Facebook page, to see if Cuddles' owners could be found.

Louise Davies from Lost and Found Animals Gloucestershire were able to scan Cuddles' chip and see who he belonged to.

They then got in touch with the furry feline's owner Kerry Goodfield, who was amazed to hear of her pet's adventure.

She said: "We’re really pleased to have him home safe and sound, we are so grateful to Jason and Holly and their godson Harry for rescuing him.

"Goodness knows how he got in there. I’m especially grateful to Jason for returning him home as we’re currently self isolating so couldn’t go and pick him up.

"Also to Louise Davis for scanning him and contacting me to let me know what had happened to him. It's a great thing her and her colleagues do for all the missing pets.

"My daughter Maisie has been fussing over him since he’s been home, he’s her kitty and she’s also very grateful for all the help Cuddles received.

"He’s been mainly sleeping since his return, but he has ventured out also, so I’m pleased his ordeal hasn’t traumatised him too much."