THERE are calls to create a travel zone for Thornbury and Yate to put an end to 'unfair fares'.

Liberal Democrats in South Gloucestershire are calling for bus fares to be brought into line with the rest of the region.

Leader of the local Lib Dem group, and South Gloucestershire councillor, Claire Young raised the matter at a council meeting in December.

In a question to Steve Reade, cabinet member for regeneration, environment and strategic infrastructure, she said: "If I lived in Lympsham, just over four miles from the Grand Pier Weston-super-Mare, I could travel not only there but anywhere in Weston Super Mare and the surrounding villages for £2.20 for all my journeys for the whole day.

"Just to get a single ticket for the two-mile journey from my home in Coalpit Heath to Yate Bus Station costs £2.50 and if I want to get a day pass I have to spend £6.60 to get one for the whole of the West of England.

"First Bus heeded our calls for a low flat rate fare within Yate and Thornbury. Will the executive member now join us in pushing for a travel zone for Yate and Thornbury and the nearby villages, like the one round Weston Super Mare?”

In response Cllr Reade said: "I share your concerns about the unfairness around the rural community. There is something wrong their somewhere.

"I agree with all that seek to level up the unfairness of the bus services. We are at risk of losing our services as they are deemed to be unviable.

"I would recommend everyone petitions Weca to deliver on a fair bus service for the rural communities."

The Liberal Democrats have started a petition calling for a new zone around Yate and Thornbury, which would provide cheaper unlimited travel just within that zone.

When approached for comment First Bus pointed to new fares launching on January 23, including new '2-Trip' tickets to enable customers to save against the cost of a day ticket when using only two buses in a day.

Rob Pymm, commercial director of First West of England, said: “This is a significant change to our fares which will benefit hundreds of thousands of people who travel with us across the West of England every week."