A DOG was rescued by Sharpness lifeboat crew after becoming stranded on a sand bank on the River Severn.

Lola, a black Pointer, had been cut off by the tide on Longley Sands on Friday.

The Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) crew at Sharpness were contacted by the coastguard, who asked them to assist with the rescue.

They joined HM Coastguard Chepstow and Portishead at the river, where there was poor visibility due to the darkness and dense fog.

However, the dog could be heard in the distance.

A spokesman for the crew said: "We could not see the dog through the pitch black and dense fog but it could be heard across the river.

"After an unsuccessful wade, due to tide height and flow, we deployed a downstream rescue boat before trying again with our rescue raft.

"When the boat was in place, we paddled across and were guided to the dog's position using a thermal imaging scope.

"One of our crew then deployed onto the sandbank and knelt down and waited for the dog to approach.

"Fortunately, Lola, the beautiful black Pointer, came straight to us and we recovered her back to her very grateful owners in the raft.

"You’ll all be please to know, Lola is doing really well."

Once safely back home, Lola enjoyed a warm fire and sausages for tea.

Donations to Severn Area Rescue Association can be made through their Facebook page.