STRAP yourself in and get ready for a night of faith, family and smiling to ten.

Osmondmania has hit Cheltenham with the rip roaring rock and roll fest that is The Osmonds Musical at the Everyman Theatre.

The atmosphere in the theatre was electric as hundreds of fans old and new came to see the story of their heroes - the Osmomd Family.

Written by one of the brothers Jay Osmond who was also in town for the performance leaving some of his die hard fans gasping for air in excitement.

Jay tells the story - warts and all - of the rise and ultimate, sad demise of one of the original boy bands.

It may be hard to imagine just how a big deal The Osmonds were back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The Mormon team sold over 100 million albums and amassed an £80 million fortune before blowing it all in the ill fated Osmond Studios plan.

Initially under the guidance of their domineering military father George Osmond who was played magnificently by Charlie Allen, the boys were catapulted into stardom at an early age on the Andy Williams show.

The young Osmonds played a blinder with angelic voices and bags of charm.

Their performances brought the eager audiences to their feet in appreciation as they played the brothers - Jay, Jimmy, Wayne, Merrill, Donny and Alan.

Georgia Lennon was also superb as Marie Osmond.

The story was incredibly personal and written by Jay Osmond which gave the story a poignant touch which was plain throughout the show.

The showstopping songs were well received throughout the performance and especially from those audience members who were clearly still living in the 1970s.

Many donned Osmond style hats and clothes while one member also brought glow sticks for that real Osmond feeling.

The Osmonds clearly have devoted, lifelong fans who love them all dearly.

The characterisations of each Osmond was spot on with each player bringing their excellent dancing and singing skills to the fore.

Multi-talented, the Osmonds had it all and had a blast during their golden years and the magic is still there.

If you are an Osmonds fan, if you watched the Donny and Marie Show on a Saturday night this show is a nostalgic dream and a real blast.

You are sure to be smiling to ten if you catch this wonderful musical.

The Osmonds is at the Everyman until Saturday March 12.