FRIENDS and family of the murdered teenager Josh Hall held a memorial event in his memory, exactly a year on from his death.

Josh was 17 when he was stabbed at Cam Sports Ground last year in an incident which left the entire community in shock.

His killer, Harley Demmon, who was 15 at the time, was sentenced in February to 14 years in prison for the murder.

Trying out scooter tricks with his friends at the skate ramp was one of Josh's favourite pastimes, so his friends decided to hold a scooter competition in his memory.

This took place at Jubilee Skatepark in Cam on Saturday (April 16) - exactly one year since the attack.

It was followed by a candlelight memorial from 8pm, and balloons were also released.

Also marking the first anniversary of Josh's death, a moving tribute video was released by Gloucestershire Police.

In it, Josh’s parents recall the tragic events of that day, as well as the impact on them as a family and the role social media played in the lead up to Josh’s murder.

Watch here:


Josh's mum Kirsty said she misses him 'with every heart beat'.

"Josh is - sorry, was - amazing. Very funny, very cheeky. Lots of charisma. You couldn't be mad at him for long because he would just make you laugh," she said.

Michael and Kirsty highlighted that disagreements can quickly get out of hand on social media, but said that it is always possible to put the brakes on. 

"If you're in a situation where you've gone so far, it's never too late to stop," said Kirsty.

"If Harley had that day gone 'no, I'm not taking my knife', Josh would still be here."

Michael and Kirsty said they wanted Josh to be remembered as a kind and caring person who always had time for people.

Kirsty said: "Josh was caring, funny, cheeky, he always had time for everyone - he had an amazing smile, and he was overall kind and that's how I want him remembered. As the kind person that he was, and the impact he had on his peers and his friends."