We are all being pressurised increasingly to recycle as much as possible of the material that remains from our day to day living, which is exactly how it should be.

One of the materials that we are all having to deal with is an increasing and very large volume of cardboard, very much the result of the enormous number of home deliveries which are now made.

I would imagine that the vast majority of householders think that the cardboard separated and put out for collection and recycling is sent to cardboard manufacturers to turn into more of the same, but I have serious doubts as to whether this is the case.

I say this because virtually all of it has plastic parcel tape all over it, and my understanding of recycling is that this is only straightforward where only one material is involved.

I strongly suspect that any cardboard with tape attached is therefore sent for incineration, which if true is appalling.

At home we actually remove all of the tape before it is collected, which is really not difficult.

I have asked the question as to where this material is destined, but have never received a satisfactory answer.

Can someone involved and in the know please let us all know exactly what is the case, as I am sure that the majority of householders would be horrified to think that the cardboard they carefully separate out for collection is incinerated!

Bob Kingsland