THE public have been warned to be extra vigilant at a park in Yate after reports a venomous snake has been spotted.

Friends of Kingsgate Park in Yate have warned parents, dog walkers and other people using the park after a member of the public claims to have spotted an adder, the UK's only venomous snake, in their nature area.

It is the second time an adder has been spotted at the park, in 2019, a number of wildlife experts suggested a female adder could be residing there after analysing a photo of a snake captured at the park by a member of the public.

A spokesperson for Kingsgate Park said: We have had a report from member of the public that a few days ago one was seen in the nature area of Kingsgate Park.  

"Back in May 2019 a photograph was sent to us of what was assumed to be an adder. 

"We asked a number of local wildlife experts who thought it could well be a female adder. The photo was not brilliant hence the difficulty in identification.  

"As a friends group, we would rather err on the side of caution than ignore the possibility." 

The Friends have contacted Yate Town Council and asked for notices to be put up around the par to make members of the public aware. 

Adders, are the only venomous snake native to the UK. 

They can be found in various areas of the country and should always be treated with caution.

The best thing to do should you see one is to leave it alone and move away from that area, maybe stomping your feet as the adders will feel the vibrations and move away. 

Adders are a protected species by law and it is illegal to intentionally kill or injure them.