A CHILD was left bruised, concussed and with a sprained ankle after a cyclist crashed into her as she crossed the road for school.

The 11-year-old girl was crossing Church Road in Yate on Tuesday morning, under the supervision of the lollipop lady, when a cyclist hit her.

The child's mother said the traffic had been stopped by the lollipop lady for St Mary's CE School in Yate when the cyclist rode directly into her.

She said a number of children and parents were already crossing as her child stepped into the road.

She claims the cyclist rode off towards Yate Shopping Centre.

She said: " I just can't believe it happened, it could have been so serious. She was so shaken up but the lollipop lady was lovely. I just can't believe he didn't stop, imagine if it was a younger child."

Her daughter was seen at Westgate Minor Injuries unit and was diagnosed with mild concussion, bruising to one side of her face and down her left side.

She also sustained a sprained ankle.

Her mother added: My daughter has started to complain that her neck and back hurts. 

"I expect this is because the shock has worn off, and the pain is coming out."

We have contacted Avon and Somerset Police for comment.