THORNBURY residents voted in favour of scrapping the changes to the High Street in a recent poll - but South Gloucestershire Council say they are committed to the plans.

A parish poll asking residents: "Do you want Thornbury High Street to be returned to its pre-pandemic status of through traffic for all vehicles and timed parking bays on both sides of the carriageway?” was backed by a whopping 72% of the votes.

However South Gloucestershire Council say they are 'committed to progressing' their controversial plans to semi-pedestrianise the High Street.

The poll, taken on Thursday, May 26 had 1,852 votes in favour; 707 votes against and 23.59% of the eligible electorate of 10,884 voters turned out to vote.

Polling stations remained busy throughout the opening times across all three sites.

Residents who had joined the queue before 9pm were allowed to cast their votes.

Rob Galpin, secretary of the Thornbury Town and District Residents Association (TTADRA) who are leading the campaign for the High Street to be reverted to its pre-pandemic state said they were calling upon the town council to pursue the interests of residents with 'renewed vigour' and asked South Gloucestershire councillors to visit Thornbury to find out what they believe is 'really needed.'

He said of the result: "This was very pleasing after the past two years in which Thornbury Town Council and South Gloucestershire Council’s actions have divided the population on the issues of the future of both The High Street and the Armstrong Hall.

"Maybe there is now the opportunity to come together and agree the best way forward for Thornbury.

"TTADRA call upon Toby Savage, the cabinet, councillors and heads of department to come to Thornbury and visit the residents to learn what is really needed rather than pursue their vision which patently now needs to be discarded.

A council spokesperson said: “We welcome public feedback on our plans for Thornbury High Street. We know that there are strong feelings on both sides about the changes. We are committed to progressing our plans to deliver on our vision for Thornbury, with a sustainable high street at its heart that is fit for the future and welcoming for all.

“We will continue to work closely with people who live and work in the town to explain these plans; to improve them where we can; and to deliver the projects needed in terms of the infrastructure the town needs so that everyone can share in that sustainable future.”

The works are set to begin this summer.