THE head teacher of a secondary school has defended her decision for students to remain in school uniform today, after a number of parents said it was unfair.

Katherine Turner, head of Chipping Sodbury school, sent a memo to parents advising that students should arrive in full uniform today, despite predictions for very hot weather, as photographers had been booked to take photos for the school's prospectus.

Angry parents took to social media to blast the decision.

However Ms Turner said the wearing the correct uniform would probably be better in today's heat.

She said: "Our school's regular uniform, without the jumper, is probably cooler than PE kit as the fabric for the shirts is thinner and cooler. 

"Short-sleeved shirts are always part of our uniform."

She also advised that children were able to wear shorts or a skirt and they would still be 'cool and smart' and that jumpers were 'certainly not expected' in hot weather.

Ms Turner added: "We do have a photographer on site today to take photos for the new prospectus and to update the website. 

"This is a long-standing arrangement and we are not able to change the date at late notice.

"In the past, when there has been a period of intense heat, we have modified expectations and students have been allowed to wear PE kit. 

"The forecast has been for one day of high heat. 

"Should this continue next week, we will review our expectations."

However, Wesley Figg, who has a son in Year 9, said: "As a parent of a student at the school, I am very frustrated this morning.

"I understand the school has a policy and guidelines for children to follow- however on certain occasions such as the weather being extremely hot we should make the children feel more comfortable.

"I know that other schools in the area are allowing PE Kit- my issue is that we were told last minute that uniform must be worn and also that children were at risk of being sent home if they didn't comply.

"I feel that the school needs to get more with the times and change the uniform to work with the seasons.

"I feel like this is due to the photographer on-site and the children's health has not come first today, unfortunately."

On social media, Natasha Bond called the school's decision 'appalling.'

Others were more sympathetic to the school's approach.

Christopher Newham posted: "What’s the difference? I have to wear a suit to work. Regardless of the weather, you’d still be expected to wear the appropriate clothing."