THE owner of a half-a-million-pound house has slammed developers, saying they've left the land opposite overgrown with weeds and nettles. 

Nick Jenning bought his property for £500k two-and-a-half years ago but says the 'substandard' landscaping opposite his home is such an eyesore he wants to move.

Cotswolds Homes, built his house in Trinity Meadows, Chipping Sodbury and Mr Jennings claims he was told the plot of land in front of his home would have an attenuation pond, meadow grass as well as a wildflower meadow.

He said the company have failed to fulfil any of the landscaping elements, despite Cotswold Homes assurances. 

He said: "We are absolutely gutted with what we have to look at every day.

"I bought the house specifically for the view- we would like to be able to sit in our garden and look over this piece of land - but how can we do that when it is overgrown with four-foot-high weeds. Not only that we have no idea what's in there - it could be unsafe for us."

Mr Jennings said he has reached out to the company a number of times via email and over the telephone.

He added: "They have now said they have passed the work to a management company to maintain- but how can someone maintain works that aren't even complete?"

Mr Jennings also said the work could not be signed off by the local council claiming an officer from the council said there was 'no way' it would authorise the certificate, in the 'awful state it was in.'

In an email to Mr Jennings, Cotswold Homes said: "I can confirm Cotswold Homes have been inspected by South Gloucestershire Council for the Certificate A and the paperwork will follow in due course."

However, South Gloucestershire Council confirmed the certificate had yet to be issued.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "No ‘Certificate A’ has been issued at the present time.

"We are working with the developer to ensure the landscaping work carried out at Trinity Meadows is finished to an appropriate standard before this can be done."

Cotswold homes were contacted but refused to comment.