Research from Born Free Foundation reveals that Bristol is home to 3 dangerous wild animals.

The 2020 survey revealed that there’s a total of 3,951 dangerous wild animals in Great Britain that are licensed to be owned by private owners.

While this is the number of licensed wild animals that are dangerous, there could be more that are kept without licenses and therefore don’t appear in the results.

The website says: “A total of 210 private addresses across 129 local authorities hold licences to keep dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, crocodilians and venomous reptiles!”

Born Free Foundation has an interactive map, making it easier to see where these dangerous wild animals are kept.

The website can be used to search for the animals that are kept across the UK and it’s broken down by counties and local authorities.

Dangerous wild animals kept in Bristol

Here’s a list of all the dangerous wild animals that are licensed to be kept privately in Bristol.

Dwarf Caiman – 1

Monocled Cobra – 1

Spectacled Cobra – 1

You can find the interactive map and more information via the Born Free Foundation website.