A NEW life saving defibrillator has been installed at a much-loved walking spot near Dursley. 

The unit has been installed at Breakheart Quarry and was purchased thanks to donations from the Dursley Rotary Club and the Dursley Inner Wheel Club.

The quarry is a popular with dog walkers and families has existed since before 1883.

A statement by the charity said: “This is just another wonderful addition to a remarkable place that is Breakheart Quarry.

“Without these great organisations' help it would not  have been possible. Breakheart Community Project thanks you both on behalf of the community.

“This enables full public access to a vital piece of life saving equipment.”

“From today the unit and AED will be logged onto the National AED circuit and the South West Ambulance service.

“To access the internal AED in an emergency, TELEPHONE 999 and tell them you are at 'Breakheart Quarry' and they will provide the caller with the access code.” 

The unit is located in the reserve's main building, and signage has been installed at all public access points into the quarry area.

Breakheart Quarry on Stinchcombe Hill Road has been run by volunteers since 2009, with the goal of caring for the site and returning it to its natural state.

The quarry is a mix of habitats with open rockface and the remains of a quarry, as well as a semi-ancient natural woodland with some grassland.

Each minute of delay between defibrillation and treatment is estimated to reduce the likelihood of long-term survival by 10 per cent. 

According to a study by the National Institute for Health Research, the UK survival rate for an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is only eight per cent, but this rises to 32 per cent with bystander and defibrillation support - even up to 53 per cent for individuals with an abnormal heart rhythm.

There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year.