AN urgent call has gone out to respect a popular Yate park after a spate of anti-social behaviour including widespread littering and a robbery. 

Last week the Gazette reported how three boys were attacked and robbed by another group of boys in Kingsgate Park. 

One was assaulted before his bike was taken, damaged and thrown in a lake while a second had his bike damaged and was punched in the head and the third was pinned to the ground and robbed.

Police also confirmed that a woman who was in the park at the time had food thrown at her face by the group as she attempted to intervene. 

Both Yate police and Yate Town Council have increased their presence in the area with police patrolling more often than usual. 

A spokesperson from Avon and Somerset Police said: “The neighbourhood team has been made aware of this incident and is assisting with high-visibility patrol plans in the area.”

Deputy town mayor Ben Nutland has been concerned by the reports.

Cllr Nutland said: "We have been concerned to hear of the recent behaviours in the park.

"Unfortunately at this time of year we do see increased incidents due to the increased use of facilities.

“We ask that members of the public report details to the town council and to the police where appropriate.

"Yate Town Council prides itself on operating well-managed facilities and is obviously concerned to hear that the enjoyment by so many is being spoiled by the minority.”

The amount of litter being left behind has been a big talking point on social media since the summer holidays started.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Kingsgate Park volunteer group which helps to manage the area, said it was ‘unacceptable’ to leave litter behind.  

They said: "We have tried to stop the littering by posting on our Facebook page.

"Our team do a wonderful job cleaning the park each morning however others will just leave their litter behind.  

"We don't know why people do this but are urging everyone to take their litter home with them after their picnics.”

One angry resident posted on Facebook: "The amount of litter at Kingsgate today is hideous.

“It's an absolute disgrace to the people of Yate, there’s also a bin that’s been ripped out of the ground.

"We need more police there or at least security to sort this anti-social behaviour out."

Police say anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour in the park should call 101.

Incidents can also be reported to the town council at