A KIND-HEARTED schoolboy is spending his summer holidays sprucing up his neighbourhood. 

Wilfred Williams, five, has spent the first week of his school holiday with his family litter picking instead of doing the usual fun activities like playing in the park or going to the pool.

Young eco-warrior Wilfred from Cam Hopton Primary School is concerned about the damage that littering and fly-tipping can do to the environment and to wildlife.

Wilfred’s mum Steph said: “He has always had a strong hate for litter.

“Wilf often talks about animals getting stuck in plastic or eating things that can make them ill.

"He is a very sensitive boy and doesn’t like the idea of animals and the planet suffering.

“We have always collected litter wherever we are. He will pick bits up when we are out and about. 

"When on holidays at the beach we usually end up coming back with a bag full of plastic and rubbish that has been washed up.”

“We have been out litter picking four times so far - for over an hour each time. We have collected almost a black bag full each time. 

"Wilf always concentrates on the recyclable waste and gets disappointed when we collect more litter that isn’t recyclable.

“This kid amazes me, none of this was initiated by me.”

Wilfred said: "I think we should look after the environment, it’s important." 

Wilfred originally began picking up rubbish during lockdown. 

Now together with his three-year-old younger sister Daisy and his mum, he has already cleaned up Everlands, the cricket field and areas behind the scout cabin using gloves and litter pickers.

He wants to do as many litter picks as he can during the course of the summer holiday to see how many bags of rubbish he can collect.