GRAB your top hat, bodice and steam goggles and head to Stratford Park on Saturday for a free steampunk event. 

Organisers of Stroud Steampunk are hosting the event with Museum in the Park where there will be a steampunk market, author talks, demonstrations, and games - including mini cheese rolling, hobby horse dressage and tea duelling. 

Steampunk is primarily a social phenomenon with a focus on creativity and celebration. It takes its aesthetic inspiration from the Victorian era but folds in eclectic influences.

John Bassett, an organiser, said: “As we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis and people struggle to have any sort of entertainment budget, we think it is so important to give people something to get excited about and enjoy as a community.”

Tom Brown, another organiser, said: “In times like this, access to the arts, culture and entertainment are actually more important, not less.

“It helps us remember why we get through the difficult bits and gives us good memories to hold onto, when we need them most.”

Event organisers have invited steampunk artists and crafters from across the country including Gregg McNeill of Dark Box Photography who will demonstrate how to operate a real Victorian camera and offer portrait sessions on the day.

Other steampunk experts include author Mat McCall, artefact specialist Herr Doktor and Tom and Nimue Brown from Hopeless Maine.

The evening's ticketed event will include live music by Victor and the Bully, Ominous Folk of Hopeless Maine and Madam Misfit, as well as a bar by Prince Albert.

Stroud’s Steampunk Picnic Party is a free day program on Saturday, August 6 from 10am to 5pm with a ticketed evening show starting at 7pm.

You can find out more information at