I read in your paper today about the worrying concerns about road closures in Brimscombe affecting business viability and have to agree.

Roadworks in this whole area are terribly planned.

For months, the 3 routes to the East and beyond have all had roadworks. The Golden Valley has had leapfrog roadworks - lights, mile gap then lights - whilst Bear Hill route had long term roadworks by the Fleece (does it really take months to connect utilities?) and then by Aldi. Really? So let's also do roadworks up Dudbridge hill by B&Q at the same time shall we??

And now Ebley bypass. For a year? Really?

Is there a plan, anyone looking at traffic pattern impact? With the sophisticated planning software today I am surprised no one has modelled the impact and acted to put quotas on the maximum amount of outages on key routes.

If a restriction is applied for, what checks are made on be the overall effect? And if the approvals are always given, could I apply for a reverse outage - to keep a route free of roadworks...!!!???

Paul Lazenby