CLIMATE conscious councillors are considering installing South Gloucestershire's first large-scale wind turbine on the edge of Yate.

They have agreed to commission a £10,000 feasibility study for a wind turbine outside the new council offices in Nibley.

South Gloucestershire Council's third headquarters is to be built at the junction of Stover Road and Badminton Road this summer, due for opening in 2010.

Councillors want the turbine to complement the eco-friendly office complex, which is to include a biomass boiler and automatic lighting controls.

Lib Dem leader Cllr Ruth Davis proposed the turbine study to councillors at a budget meeting last night.

She said: "In order to achieve a zero carbon building project it is believed it is essential to include wind turbine within the project.

"It is estimated that it would cost around £10,000 to do a feasibility study into the suitability of the Nibley site for a large scale wind turbine, which could produce more energy than is needed for the new office building.

"And so the offices would become self financing by selling excess production back into the national grid."

The South Gloucestershire branch of Friends of the Earth welcomed the study.

Spokesman Alan Pinder said: "This is a real chance for South Gloucestershire Council to lead by example.

"For one reason or another South Gloucestershire has fallen behind other areas in the country in terms of generating renewable energy.

"The perception among a lot of developers in the district is wind turbines will not pass through in planning applications.

"But if the council shows its intent to set up a wind turbine outside its offices, it could encourage others to follow its lead."