ALMOST a hundred dogs made a splash in Berkeley this weekend. 

Berkeley Swimming Pool hosted its first ever dog swim event with nearly 100 pooches enjoying a splash on Saturday, September 17.

The session was held after the final public swim of the season and was a one off event as the pool is due to get a new floor liner.

Over the course of six hours there were 90 dogs and around 200 attendees. 

Alison Gent an organiser said: “Both dogs and humans who attended thought that it was tremendous fun. 

“The money raised has pushed the pool very close to its final fundraising target.” 

“The dogs were able to use the pool, some being very good swimmers, others less so, but all had a really good time.”

Over £900 was raised on the day with all proceeds raised going towards the pool’s refurbishment. 

Berkeley pool was dug in the early 1960s after a number of drownings in the River Severn. 

Since then it has taught many generations of pupils at Berkeley Primary School to swim, and in the holidays it offers a place for families to meet up and take some exercise. 

Over the winter the pool will undergo a major renovation including the replacement of pipework and filters, the reinforcement of the pool floor and walls, and the installation of a heavy duty liner, which should make it safer, greener and warmer.